Lorne Malvo

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About Lorne

‘Lorne’ (also known as Chris) has been a punter for most of his life. He has variously owned greyhounds and bits of horses throughout this period with the likes of DJ Wintle and was also responsible for the infamous attempted Ringroe Treasure coup on the last night of Cradley Heath dogs where the racing manager withdrew the dog due to BOLA advice on ‘unusual betting patterns for a graded race.’ It is nothing short of disgraceful that a top heat dog is prevented from running in an A7 with his four rivals ‘out of the way’! Lorne is a terrible judge on his own account but is a great judge of judges – that’s why he follows the advice of Lee and Jon and has enjoyed a great deal of success in his own small way following their advice.

Lorne detests many of the gravy-slurping media and their increasing obsession with attracting beer-swilling, sockless imbeciles to our great sport. He is both a miserable Barsteward and a professional moaner and likes nothing better than criticising others without offering a solution himself.

Posts by Lorne

  • Be Bold & Target The Old

    The recent whip debacle has provided further proof, if any were needed, that the BHA leadership could not organise sexual congress in a brothel with £50 notes strapped to their generative members. The latest disaster is a recent reduction in the number of permissible strikes of the whip, an issue which has hitherto not been identified as a problem and which has inevitably caused widespreadContinue reading “Be Bold & Target The Old”

  • Luck Can Be Thy Doom

    In the third and final part of our series looking at the role that luck plays in gambling, I discuss the effect that external pressures have on our decision making.  Previously we talked about whether some punters were subject to mysterious forces that decided whether they were destined to be ‘lucky’ in gambling. But ifContinue reading “Luck Can Be Thy Doom”

  • Does Luck Play a Roll in Our Success

    Whenever punters get together the question of ‘luck’ and the role it plays in our success (or lack there of) is never far from the surface. We have discussed the subject on previous editions of the ‘Sunday Sermon’ and concluded that for reasons unknown, some people just appear to be ‘luckier’ than others. Whether thatContinue reading “Does Luck Play a Roll in Our Success”