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Lee Keys

Lee Keys
Systembet Head Honcho


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About Lee

Lee has been a professional punter for the best part of 25 years, with various forays into the business of tipping horses. Now, Lee is head honcho of barstewards.co.uk with a very small band of punters, helping them to make a second income from betting on horse racing.

Early part of Lee’s career saw him write for Sports Advisor magazine, run The Winning Line horse racing advisory service and was the first person to develop a commercialised betting application for Betfair called RETA.

Based in York, Lee’s passion is sport in general namely Horse Racing and Cricket and he will often host the ‘BARSTEWARDS’ podcasts.

Posts by Lee

  • SCV Part 3- Deal With The Reality or It Will Deal With You

    My rationale for making this a three part series was this – Part One was to lay out the direction we were going with Single Customer View (SCV) and the foolhardiness of that.  Part Two to offer up what I believe is a compromising solution for most parties, with the least amount of friction for all concerned.  Also, toContinue reading “SCV Part 3- Deal With The Reality or It Will Deal With You”

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    In this second article I’m going to offer up what I believe is the best solution for all involved. The first article can be read here Before we get into the nitty gritty it’s important to identify WHY punters feel the need to offer up anything at all.  In a perfect world all that most of usContinue reading “Single Customer View – Our Solution”

  • Single Customer View- Who does it benefit?

    This will be the first in a series of articles focusing on the reforms being sought in UK Gambling and through the Gambling Review. Much has been said and submitted (over 10k submissions) by all sides of the debate on what they want to see, or indeed what they don’t want to see come outContinue reading “Single Customer View- Who does it benefit?”