John ‘Jonjo’ Leng
Chief Pinsticker

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About John

John has been following racing since he was about 5 years old (a very long time ago).

John’s father worked for an illegal bookmaker in the 60’s & followed him into racing. He worked as a private handicapper whilst juggling his punting, drinking, carousing & generally underachieving in life.

Regaled the Betfair forum in 2008 with his ‘pin stickers guide to racing presenters’ & enjoys penning articles on racing personalities & issues. Has fairly forthright views on how the sport should be run & who shouldn’t be running it!

Posts by Jonjo

  • Piggott Was Shit !

    When Lee told me we were getting our own Barstewards website & that he would be looking for us all to contribute articles, I was wondering straight away what I might be able to write about that might get people interested & talking, something to ‘get the debate going’ so to speak? After about 45Continue reading “Piggott Was Shit !”