John ‘Jonjo’ Leng
Chief Pinsticker

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About John

John has been following racing since he was about 5 years old (a very long time ago).

John’s father worked for an illegal bookmaker in the 60’s & followed him into racing. He worked as a private handicapper whilst juggling his punting, drinking, carousing & generally underachieving in life.

Regaled the Betfair forum in 2008 with his ‘pin stickers guide to racing presenters’ & enjoys penning articles on racing personalities & issues. Has fairly forthright views on how the sport should be run & who shouldn’t be running it!

Posts by Jonjo

  • Never Seen Him Before Guv?

    That was certainly the week that was, wasn’t it? FBI tipping off the Irish Agriculture Authorities that there was a shipment of stuff coming in to the country that they might need to keep an eye on, was massively worrying on it’s own, before you even get on to the bit about British Trainers employingContinue reading “Never Seen Him Before Guv?”

  • Forum for the Bettor, Or Just Another Free Lunch Sop?

    Dark dank miserable October mornings, the flat season fizzling towards it’s Del Mar swansong with 60% non jigger fields of maidens padding out cards otherwise composed of dogshit handicappers with worse long term prospects than Carrie Symonds. Yes it’s a moribund, morbid end to the month, the only uplifting thing about it being that it’sContinue reading “Forum for the Bettor, Or Just Another Free Lunch Sop?”

  • H’ Sonny Lownsburgh

    When I first met ‘Sonny’ Lownsburgh, (the ‘H’ was for Horace, which he hated, but the parents had a sense of humour and had two other sons named Maurice & Boris) I was at the 1987 Dante Meeting & the first hour or so in his company, I spent thinking he was top northern trainerContinue reading “H’ Sonny Lownsburgh”