John ‘Jonjo’ Leng
Chief Pinsticker

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About John

John has been following racing since he was about 5 years old (a very long time ago).

John’s father worked for an illegal bookmaker in the 60’s & followed him into racing. He worked as a private handicapper whilst juggling his punting, drinking, carousing & generally underachieving in life.

Regaled the Betfair forum in 2008 with his ‘pin stickers guide to racing presenters’ & enjoys penning articles on racing personalities & issues. Has fairly forthright views on how the sport should be run & who shouldn’t be running it!

Posts by Jonjo

  • Let’s Get Ready To Jungle!!

    Once again, gluttons for tv punishment will be glued to their televisions as another gaggle of nonentities subject themselves to the most public form of flagellation at the hands of sociopathic host Anton Deck in the Australian Outback. In addition to the main show, we have ITV’s annual attempt to keep the lukewarm career ofContinue reading “Let’s Get Ready To Jungle!!”

  • The Axis Part 2

    My old man wasn’t a dustman, he was a runner for an illegal bookmaker in the 50’s, then he was an occasional ‘putter on’ for Eric Cousins who trained in Cheshire, round about the time one RV Sangster was coming into the game as an owner. Prior to that, he was a thrice decorated commandoContinue reading “The Axis Part 2”

  • The Axis Part One

    In my time punting regularly on course, I had regular involvement with a lot of people, most of them Yorkshire hard nuts like H ‘Sonny’ Lownsborough who I mentioned in an earlier column. However there were three wise(ish) old men who I had more interaction with than most, and probably had the most fun with.Continue reading “The Axis Part One”