Be Bold & Target The Old

The recent whip debacle has provided further proof, if any were needed, that the BHA leadership could not organise sexual congress in a brothel with £50 notes strapped to their generative members. The latest disaster is a recent reduction in the number of permissible strikes of the whip, an issue which has hitherto not been identified as a problem and which has inevitably caused widespreadContinue reading “Be Bold & Target The Old”

Luck Can Be Thy Doom

In the third and final part of our series looking at the role that luck plays in gambling, I discuss the effect that external pressures have on our decision making.  Previously we talked about whether some punters were subject to mysterious forces that decided whether they were destined to be ‘lucky’ in gambling. But ifContinue reading “Luck Can Be Thy Doom”

Does Luck Play a Roll in Our Success

Whenever punters get together the question of ‘luck’ and the role it plays in our success (or lack there of) is never far from the surface. We have discussed the subject on previous editions of the ‘Sunday Sermon’ and concluded that for reasons unknown, some people just appear to be ‘luckier’ than others. Whether thatContinue reading “Does Luck Play a Roll in Our Success”

Gambling! Why do we do it?

Happy New Year to all those who have been kind enough to indulge us last year. Let’s hope that 2023 bring everyone health and wealth in liberal quantities. The phoney war period between Christmas and New Year prompted me to consider why we gamble and whether understanding our motivations to do so can help usContinue reading “Gambling! Why do we do it?”

28th November – 4th December All Weather Musings and one for Wednesday??

Nine race cards, additional fixtures, my punting woes, the list of what I could rant about is seemingly never ending at the moment. I’m going to resist the urge to do so though. One thing I will have a quick moan about is Charlie Hills. Harry Magnus was put up as one to follow inContinue reading “28th November – 4th December All Weather Musings and one for Wednesday??”

14th – 27th November All Weather Musings and Christmas Lights

Remember, remember the 5th November. Some will know this as Bonfire Night, for me it feels like the last day I had a winning days punting. A slight exaggeration, but a brutal November nonetheless, infact that would probably be an understatement. I feel I’ve batted well, seen the form and angles into races but just ‘doneContinue reading “14th – 27th November All Weather Musings and Christmas Lights”

7th – 13th November All Weather Musings and retirement??

It’s that time of year once again, all weather season. Where us fans of racing on ‘the level’ get to punt our way through the cold, dark, winter months, watching Luke Morris thrash his way around Chelmsford and Lingfield. Speaking of Lingfield, 11:05 first race there on Saturday, which means I can potentially chalk theContinue reading “7th – 13th November All Weather Musings and retirement??”

Let’s Get Ready To Jungle!!

Once again, gluttons for tv punishment will be glued to their televisions as another gaggle of nonentities subject themselves to the most public form of flagellation at the hands of sociopathic host Anton Deck in the Australian Outback. In addition to the main show, we have ITV’s annual attempt to keep the lukewarm career ofContinue reading “Let’s Get Ready To Jungle!!”

The Mind of a Regular Punter

Regular listeners to the ‘Sunday Sermon’ will know that both Lee and John are full time professional punters in that they rely on income from betting to meet their living expenses. Although they both have a deep love for the sport, in the final analysis, horse racing is a vehicle which provides them with aContinue reading “The Mind of a Regular Punter”