28th November – 4th December All Weather Musings and one for Wednesday??

Nine race cards, additional fixtures, my punting woes, the list of what I could rant about is seemingly never ending at the moment. I’m going to resist the urge to do so though. One thing I will have a quick moan about is Charlie Hills. Harry Magnus was put up as one to follow inContinue reading “28th November – 4th December All Weather Musings and one for Wednesday??”

14th – 27th November All Weather Musings and Christmas Lights

Remember, remember the 5th November. Some will know this as Bonfire Night, for me it feels like the last day I had a winning days punting. A slight exaggeration, but a brutal November nonetheless, infact that would probably be an understatement. I feel I’ve batted well, seen the form and angles into races but just ‘doneContinue reading “14th – 27th November All Weather Musings and Christmas Lights”

7th – 13th November All Weather Musings and retirement??

It’s that time of year once again, all weather season. Where us fans of racing on ‘the level’ get to punt our way through the cold, dark, winter months, watching Luke Morris thrash his way around Chelmsford and Lingfield. Speaking of Lingfield, 11:05 first race there on Saturday, which means I can potentially chalk theContinue reading “7th – 13th November All Weather Musings and retirement??”

31st January-13th February All Weather Musings.

I’ve spent the first six weeks of the calendar year ‘doing it in’ left, right and centre. It’s been one of those periods where I’m seeing the form well, reading races correctly, finding angles but just losing. They happen. I actually feel more at ease during these periods than when I know deep down, I’mContinue reading “31st January-13th February All Weather Musings.”

24th January-30th January All Weather Musings and a bet.

A week full of eyecatchers despite field seemingly getting smaller by the day. Will there be any other ‘match’ races like the last at Wolverhampton yesterday evening? I wouldn’t bet against it. The sooner the turf comes around the better. Then at least I can start to moan about wrong going descriptions and overwatered ground.Continue reading “24th January-30th January All Weather Musings and a bet.”

17th-23rd January All Weather Musings

76 entered in The Lincoln, just under two months to go now until the #TheRoadToDoncaster concludes. Hopefully this year there will be a green Crucible like top, rather than the threadbare surface that opened the return of the turf in 2021. Some half decent camera work wouldn’t go amiss either. There wasn’t masses that caughtContinue reading “17th-23rd January All Weather Musings”

10th January-16th January All Weather Musings.

The last weeks racing has been similar to how my punting year has started, poor. When thinking about over what sort of article to write for ‘The Barstewards’, I pondered doing some form of betting diary. For all it may well have been interesting to some, that idea was quickly shelved. The thought of aftertimingContinue reading “10th January-16th January All Weather Musings.”

January 3rd- January 9th All Weather Musings

The all-weather season rolls on. Fields appear to be getting smaller by the day and there appears to be more and more low grade classified races. At least they fill though. A fair few have caught the eye over the last week or so, I’ve put six below for you to add into your trackers/notebooks.Continue reading “January 3rd- January 9th All Weather Musings”

27th December – 2nd January All Weather Musings

Two weeks until entries for The Lincoln, #TheRoadToDoncaster is really closing in now. I’ve outlined a few below that have caught the eye in some way, shape or form. Add them into the notebooks and trackers if you so wish. Monday 27th December 17:10 Wolverhampton- I’ve tried to avoid adding Sir Mark Prescott horses into theContinue reading “27th December – 2nd January All Weather Musings”

13th December – 26th December All Weather Musings (Part 2)

With Christmas and New Year firmly in the rear-view mirror I can get back to a normal schedule. A belated part two from the pre-Christmas musings is below. Wednesday 15th December. 16:45 Kempton- Seeing as it’s two week’s worth of notebook horses, I’m going to rewind and add in one that I somehow missed out fromContinue reading “13th December – 26th December All Weather Musings (Part 2)”